What do we translate?

NorEngTrans translates most all types of documents, such as business documents, commercial, marketing, advertizing and brochures.

  • Quarterly- and annual reports, financial analyses, bidding documents, general assemblies, etc.
  • Technical, user instructions and -manuals, for machines, pumps, construction and building, off-shore activity, oil and gas, shipping, transport, houses hold articles, sporting goods, etc.
  • Environment, health and safety, (EHS), for shipping, shipbuilding yards, many types of factories, etc.
  • Scientific; reports and descriptions, etc.
  • Leasing contracts, business agreements, etc.
  • Automobile related texts.
  • General journalism, political, financial, etc.
  • Tourism.
  • Sports and athletics.
  • We do NOT translate such as marriage-, divorce-, driving license-documents, certificates, etc., etc.

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