To and from English – quality assured translations

NorEngTrans offers quality assured translations to and from English, both UK (British) and American, by experienced translators who translate only to their native language. Our routines require that there are always at least two translators on all assignments, one doing the translation and one who does the proofreading.

We have a large network of national and international translators and associates, which are quality assured in accordance with our standards.

Thus, within most fields, our customers benefit from translations accomplished by translators who have first-hand knowledge of the language they translate into.

Translations for corporate and private customers

Using professional translators helps you to be taken seriously, in a world of international actors. You are the expert in your field – we are language experts. We have the capacity to handle even the most complex assignments, and we deliver at agreed time. We communicate by e-mail and phone, so it does not matter where you are – be it in London, Tromsø or New York.

«Thank you very much for your prompt and well accomplished work. You are absolutely first class, Arvid, and have an efficiency that others could learn from,» writes Helge Hansen at the ‘Villanytt’ company.

Our translators have experience in translating various types of texts, such as procedures, technical reports, manuals, brochures, agreements / contracts, regulations, accounting, annual reports, legal texts, press releases, Stock Market reports, fields of expertise, webpages, presentations, travel texts, news articles, sports, etc.

We operate with very competitive prices, and we guarantee fast deliveries.

To contact us; call Arvid on phone + 47 924 83 543 or send an E-mail to:

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Our customers declare:

«Thank you very much for the great work you do! We appreciate the quality on what you deliver, that you are always there for us, that you are punctual, work efficiently and are always pleasant to deal with. Looking forward to further cooperation. »

Katie Evans Lothe, CEO, TiEMPO AS